20 Health Problems Related To Stress That You Can Fix

We’ve all been stressed about having to much stress in our lives. It’s a natural reaction to harmful situations, whether real or just in the mind. The problem with stress is that it’s usually self-inflicted, meaning that our jobs, families, friends, and personal ambitions are pushing us beyond our limits. The good thing is that stress can be alleviated, but without proper stress management techniques up our sleeves, we’re exposing ourselves to some pretty nasty health conditions and ultimately digging an early grave for ourselves. Here are some of the most common health-related problems experienced by people suffering from stress.

1. Heart Disease


More research is needed to make a definitive conclusion on how much stress can lead to heart disease, but it’s commonly understood that the effects of stress such as uncontrollable cholesterol levels and abnormally high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Constant stress can really put force your heart to work overtime, causing a series of circulatory problems, possibly leading to a heart attack.

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