Eat 3 Dates Daily and These 10 Things Will Happen To Your Body

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – over a century old adage, which came from the belief that apples had nutritional benefits to maintain good health, thus avoiding doctor visits. Luckily, with modern research into food and nutrition, we can add a few more goodies to the daily list!

Dates, although high in calories, contain a solid dose of fiber, vital nutrients, and antioxidants. Studies have shown positive health effects after consuming three dates per day over a consistent period.

So, what’s in a date that could change your life? Below are the 10 things that will happen to your body if you have 3 dates a day over a long period of time!

Improved Digestive Health

To keep your digestive tract moving, you need fiber and dates provide a healthy shot of it! Regularly dosing your body with fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive system, encourage regular bowel movements, good stool consistency, and prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. They may be small fruits but they’re big in benefits!

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