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The Best 20 Foods That Relieve Constipation

A significant percentage of the world population will experience chronic constipation in their life. If you’re one of the unlucky many that have difficulty passing stools – or very rarely feel the need to pass stools (less than four times a week) – don’t give up hope! Luckily, there is a large variety of all-natural solutions to help soften your stool. Check out this list of the 20 best foods that relieve constipation to help keep your digestive system running on a regular schedule.


1. Kiwifruit


Did you know that consuming 1 kiwi fruit for every 30kg of body weight significantly improves the frequency, softness, and bulk of your stools? Other than its high fiber content, kiwi fruits are also a source of actinidain, an enzyme that influences the regularity of bowel movements.

30 Foods To Avoid With High Blood Pressure

Although blood pressure is known to go up and down when you exercise, blood pressure should be checked regularly, especially after eating certain meals. Since consuming the wrong meals could lead to hypertension in the long-term. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is when the force is applied against the blood vessels’ walls thus causing the heart to work harder to pump blood around the body.

Exercising routinely is known to stabilize blood pressure. But if you can’t find the time to always exercise every day, you should consider to change your diet and avoid eating these kinds of food containing high doses of sugar or salt.


1. Canned beans


Canned beans are chock-full of sodium and preservatives. These ingredients are known to increase blood pressure. But if you are to eat canned beans, you should rinse washing the beans first with water to wash away the salt that’s stuck onto the beans. Try your best to avoid canned beans and buy regular beans.

20 Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

The misuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics has become a major problem in medicine. Long touted as a panacea for bacterial disease, their skyrocketing usage rates have made them less and less effective at combatting the diseases they were designed to cure.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics are also known to have dangerous side effects, like nausea and diarrhea. Additionally, frequent consumption of antibiotics can affect the balance of the human microbiota, increasing the risk of diabetes, obesity, and chronic bacterial infection.

Incorporating more natural antibiotics into your diet is a great way to enjoy the anti-bacterial properties of pharmaceuticals with a lower risk of side effects.


1. Garlic


For centuries, garlic has been used for the treatment and prevention of illness. It is only in recent years that scientific research has proven the medicinal properties of the herb. The primary element behind the antibacterial properties of garlic is a compound known as allicin. Allicin prevents the cultivation of biofilms, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It’s ability to stop the growth of biofilm that makes garlic so effective for chronic infections like cystic fibrosis. Allicin has also shown to be potent in treating many bacteria strains that have proven resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

20 Fat Burning Foods to Include in Your Diet

Wanting to burn fat and looking for the best foods to eat? No single food alone will do it. The trick is to include a balance of healthy proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Putting nutritious food into your body helps your metabolism rev up to process the food you eat efficiently, build muscle, and lose fat.

Not only that, when you hit the right balance, people often find they can eat more of certain foods than they thought. For example, a bowl full of berries is going to help your body’s ability to burn fat a great deal more than a bowl of candy!  Technically, if you eat foods that take you more energy to eat, chew, or digest them than the calorie content, you are burning fat while you eat!

Including a range of certain foods in your diet will give you more energy for the physical movement and exercise that helps to get rid of body fat and get lean! Read on for 20 fat burning foods to include in your diet.

1. Berries


Beautiful berries are fantastic if you wish to have a little sweetness. Although berries are sweet, they have a low glycemic load and sugar content. You can take your pick too – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries. Berries are high in Vitamins, fiber, folate, and potassium. Many are pretty easy to grow in a pot too if you want to have your own regular supply!

20 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast

There are many known benefits to starting the day with a good, healthy meal for breakfast. You are refueling and replenishing your body, and brain, with the energy to get you started for the day. Eating breakfast has been linked with a better ability to concentrate, focus and memory retention. Having a nutritious meal before you start your day has also been found to reduce the risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, and being overweight.

So, what are the “best” foods to eat for breakfast? Just like other meals of the day, it is wise to aim for a balance of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Here are 20 good choices to include in your first meal of the day.

1. Oats


Oats are quite simply O for Awesome! Oatmeal is quick, versatile, affordable, and extremely good for you! Oats can be made into porridge, muesli, and other dishes and changed up with different types of fruits, and sprinklings of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Oatmeal is a high fiber complex carbohydrate – this means you will feel full for longer. Oats are also high in iron, zinc, and magnesium.

20 Probiotic Foods for Your Brain, Mood and Gut

You’ve probably heard of probiotics – the microorganisms that thrive in certain foods. Consuming probiotics has several health benefits, especially for the wellbeing of our minds and guts. They also can also work wonders by giving our skin a healthy glow. You can get probiotics from over-the-counter supplements, or you can opt to get them the old natural way by consuming these 20 probiotic-rich foods.


1. Yogurt


Yogurt is one of simplest ways to incorporate probiotics into your diet. They are full of gut-friendly bacteria that help with the digestive process. Eating a cup of sugar-free yogurt also helps in building strong bones and lowering blood pressure.

20 Low-Calorie Foods That Are Surprisingly Filling

One of the biggest challenges for anybody looking to shed a few pounds is cutting back on their calorie intake. Oftentimes, the “healthy” options leave us feeling just as hungry before eating, creating an even bigger problem of overeating. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-calorie options that make our tummies feeling full without the guilt of indulging. Here are 20 healthy, low-cal foods that’ll fill you right up.


1. Oats


Oats are a great choice to begin your commitment to losing weight. Not only do oats carry very few calories but their high protein and fiber content keep us full for longer. Just a single 40-gram serving (roughly half a cup) can prevent the afternoon munchies. Be sure that you get the healthy variety, not the sweetened oatmeal marketed to children. In fact, don’t even give those sugar bombs to your kids.

20 Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your 40s- and Beyond-Body

Often we see people applying a number of different topical creams in the hopes of repairing skin damage or slowing down the aging process. However, one effective way our skin can show appreciation of our efforts is by eating right. People whose diets are abundant in antioxidants, beneficial fats, plenty of water, and essential vitamins and nutrients have a higher likelihood of preserving their skins tightness and shine well into their 40s and beyond.

Studies have found that plenty of fruits and veggies are the key to preventing age lines from forming in our skin. To help you in looking as young as you feel, here are 20 of the most beneficial foods you should consume.


1. Red Bell Pepper


Red bell peppers are loaded to the brim with antioxidants which are key to combating age marks. Apart from its high antioxidant levels, red bell peppers contain high levels of vitamin C which is essential for collagen production and tighter skin. The real skin-saving property comes from carotenoids, a powerful type of antioxidant, which loans a bright red/yellow/orange color to many food items. They have anti-inflammatory properties which shield our skin from sun damage, airborne pollutants, and even toxins found in the environment.

20 Health Problems Related To Stress That You Can Fix

We’ve all been stressed about having to much stress in our lives. It’s a natural reaction to harmful situations, whether real or just in the mind. The problem with stress is that it’s usually self-inflicted, meaning that our jobs, families, friends, and personal ambitions are pushing us beyond our limits. The good thing is that stress can be alleviated, but without proper stress management techniques up our sleeves, we’re exposing ourselves to some pretty nasty health conditions and ultimately digging an early grave for ourselves. Here are some of the most common health-related problems experienced by people suffering from stress.

1. Heart Disease


More research is needed to make a definitive conclusion on how much stress can lead to heart disease, but it’s commonly understood that the effects of stress such as uncontrollable cholesterol levels and abnormally high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Constant stress can really put force your heart to work overtime, causing a series of circulatory problems, possibly leading to a heart attack.

20 Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate

If you were asked to study before an exam, you’d probably be unable to do it without an unhealthy dose of sugar-laden energy drinks chock-full of caffeine. These will indeed keep you awake, but after crashing for the night, these beverages will do nothing to keep your brains fully alert and ready for the exam. The good thing is that there are plenty of foods you can take to improve brain power and concentration levels. This article will provide you with 20 different foods to help you concentrate and retain brain power for many, many years.

1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


EV olive oil can be taken to help improve memory and keep Alzheimer’s at bay. It has been noted that people following the Mediterranean diet – e.g. consuming plenty of olive oil – have had a reduced risk of dementia and other brain-impairing conditions.