What you see in this optical illusion depends on your age, study finds

It’s one of the oldest illusions in the world but a study has found that what you see can depend entirely upon your age.

‘My Wife and My Mother-in-Law’ can be seen in different ways. Either you can see a young woman gazing off to the side or you can see an older woman staring stoically into the distance. 

A psychological study in Australia, published by Scientific Reports has found that younger people see the younger woman first and older people see the older woman first.

393 participants took part in the study ranging from the ages of 18 to 68, with the average age of 32. 

Most participants saw the younger woman first but that might be because the majority of those that took part were mostly on the younger side of the spectrum. To get a better sense of the results the researchers separated the youngest 10 per cent and the oldest 10 per cent and the scores remained the same. 

The idea of the experiment was to see whether there were any prejudices or bias when individuals are presented with a face.